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Why:  We have been 20 years in business, serviced over 300 companies, worked with hundreds of CEOs, Presidents, Executives and Managers.  We are not an employee, therefore we provide honest and direct feedback. Our diverse experience with differing business models, cultures, markets, and operational systems means, we have the answers. We are always focused on revenue streams and optimum performance.

Both Programs include!

Unlimited calls and video-call support (such as Zoom or Teams)
Reduced Recruit Fees
Reduced Travel Rates
Reduced billing rate for: documents, formal meetings, assessments, program design, reports


Frequently Asked Questions

Is our information confidential?

Yes, we always begin each program by sending you a Confidentiality Agreement, that protects both parties. All information is strictly confidential and would normally only be shared with our clients’ Leadership.

How long is the term for both programs?

1 year from contract date is the standard term, but the program automatically transfers to month-to-month after a year. Cancellation from the program requires 30 days written notice, however very few of our clients cancel; many have been on retainer for many years.

What happens if you can’t help us?

McNeil Group Inc. has various trusted contacts in the areas of HSE, Finance and Law. If further help is required, McNeil Group will engage the services of the specialist to ensure we meet the needs of our clients.

Who benefits from your services?

Senior Executives to Managers & groups such as HR, HSE. We work primarily with leaders, but provide expertise in legal risk mitigation, management support and Strategic HR. McNeil Group has trained hundreds of Managers over the years which allows us to provide direct coaching.

What kind of additional costs could I expect?

We only bill additional hours if there is a request for documentation, program development, reports and meetings. In general, clients tend to spend more in the early stages of our programs, but then rely on phone conversations chiefly, as time progresses. Some clients get yearly updates on compensation and statutory changes.

Do you only work in the Province of Alberta?

No, we provide services across Canada in every Province and Territory. We also have extensive experience in the USA with working experience in most States. We have also provided services to International Companies with offices all over the world.

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