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We’ve worked with some great companies already! We think you should join them in your quest for your Star Performer.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

We recognize that every company has a unique culture and environment. We won’t try to push “square peg into a round hole”. We won’t “settle” for candidates that do not fit your profile. We focus on technical and practical skills, but also confirm motivation and traits that will thrive in your corporate culture and environment.

We focus on star performers!


Bring in the Experts

With our extensive evaluation expertise and our prominent network of contacts, we are equipped to provide you with top-level talent.

Define your Ideal Candidate

We work with you to develop a “Position Profile” which looks at every trait necessary to outperform expectations.

Hire The Best

We provide you with candidates that have the experience, education, talent and motivation to excel at the role and fit in with your team.


Why Choose Us

We Know You

Understanding of each client’s business, culture, communication style, expectations and objectives are critical to placing the right candidate.

Attractive Fees

We offer highly competitive rates coupled with the highest caliber services.

Diverse Experience

McNeil Group has recruited a significant number of Key contributors, including, but not limited to: Engineers, Project Managers, Estimators, Finance, Executives, Developers, Business Development, Operations Managers, Service Personnel and Technicians.

Find Your Star Performer

Retainer-Based Guarantee

We offer a guarantee…our aim is never to have to exercise it and in 19 years we have done so only a few times.

20+ Years of Experience

We have the experience, knowledge and extensive contacts throughout Canada and Internationally.

We don’t do the “Fly Paper Approach”

We do not send you countless resumes to see if one “sticks”.


“McNeil Group helped us hire numerous candidates to our Sales Team across Western Canada as well as our Marketing and Agronomy Teams. They have been very successful in sourcing the right talent and the right fit"

Aseem, HR Manager – Decisive Farming Powered by Telus

““We were very pleased with the recruit process from McNeil Group when we were looking for a key executive position. It was a difficult choice for us because all the candidates were very good. They restored our faith after not having much success with previous suppliers. “We have since brought them on-board to assist with Organizational structure and effectiveness development and they have been excellent to-date.”

Dan T – CEO – Prominent O&G Service Company


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