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BDA - Business Diagnostic Analysis


The BDA is a powerful, comprehensive tool for Organizations to identify significant areas of Opportunity and Roadblocks. At McNeil Group we know that in today’s marketplace, performance, drive and efficiency powers success.  Executives, Managers and Employees need to be aligned and all systems must be firing on all engines.  We’ll get you there in record time! 


Our BDA Will Provide Solutions 

We diagnose change requirements throughout the Organization and provide recommendations. By engaging managers and employees in the process, we create buy-in for change initiatives.

The Process

Meet with CEO, President, Executive and Managers

Meet with a cross section of all job classes.

Review Org Structure and Reporting Lines.

Review Operational systems and process flow.

Identify Operational strengths and Issues:

  • Alignment issues
  • Challenge to revenue stream
  • Duplication and Fracture
  • Reporting Lines
  • Inefficiency
  • Silos and lack of collaboration
  • Poor decision making
  • Apathy and Under performance


We ensure productive Organizational Systems including: Solidifying Revenue Streams; Eliminating fracture & duplication; reducing  inefficiency and apathy; removing roadblocks; driving achievement & productivity; Strengthening the Organization with engagement & achievement

Assess Management strengths

We assess strengths in Executive and Management Teams, ensure role alignment, confirming adequate reporting lines and ensuring effective Strategic & Business Planning

Expert Recommendations

We compile Expert Recommendations and provide support on an as-needed basis.



What Our Clients Say

  • “Without McNeil Group’s BDA we would have lost our business”
  • “McNeil Group helped us eliminate issues and apathy, our productivity and profits are way up”
  • “McNeil Group allowed us to weather this storm and have the strength to grow for years to come”
  • “McNeil Group resolved our issues at a fraction of the price of a National company that gave me a big binder of papers that solved nothing”
  • “McNeil Group’s BDA was nothing short of exceptional”


A Basis For Planning and Action

Diagnostic Analysis

Our process evaluates leadership, management and operational systems to identify problem areas.  We focus on fracture, reporting, redundancy and efficiency.


Our diagnostic report will become a basis for development and change management plans. Depending on the outcomes, it may even lead to a re-evaluation of the organization’s strategy. We provide practical recommendations and support for moving beyond the analysis stage to implementation that are valued by employees, leaders and even clients.

Execute & Monitor

We assist you through the execution stages if required. This way we ensure you see value and capitalize on objectives.


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From Our Founder

Make Your Own Opportunities

It has been my great pleasure to assist clients of all types, to build exceptional leadership practices, remove organizational roadblocks and complete the necessary foundation for growth and success.  We are optimization specialists with the skills, background and ethics to provide exceptional value.  Honesty and Integrity are at the heart of our services and always will be.

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