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Since 2001, we have supported over 340 companies throughout Canada and the US.  Our expertise in Business Optimization, Leadership and Management Support, Corporate Risk Mitigation, Succession Planning, Professional Recruiting and Training provides our clients with comprehensive, customized value-based solutions.  There is no business model or issue we haven’t experienced and resolved.  We are the real deal – ask our clients.









Our Leadership Team


Managing Director

Deborah is a highly recognized professional with extensive experience in all areas of Senior Professional Business consulting.  She is highly skilled at corporate re-structuring, change management, business analysis, leadership & management guidance and corporate engagement.  Deborah’s drive and commitment stewards all services at McNeil Group Inc.



Ross has extensive experience in sales and marketing across numerous industries. His expertise in customer relations, market research, Professional Recruiting, networking, sales and customer service plays a key role for McNeil Group and our clients.

Proven Success

“Solutions That Work”


Success Rate for all Recruits over 20 years


Satisfied consulting clients


Provide you with sound options

Options based on our expertise and data gathered from your organization provides clear and actionable change initiatives

Organizational diagnostic

We identify:
Fracture, inefficiencies, Roadblocks, management practices, reporting systems, opportunities and redundancy – throughout the organization

Leadership & Management practices

We help to develop more effective leadership and management teams by improving skills, collaboration, stewardship and shared services

Energize Your team

Assess, inspire and develop your executive to be more effective and accountable to strategic objectives

Create Buy-in

Our processes are proven to engage your team and foster them to buy-in to change initiatives

Recruit Key Talent

We source “Star Performers” because we do it right. We ensure we are  thorough in our process based on our intimate knowledge of your needs 

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